Wisconsin Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

depression and addictionDrug addiction is known by some as a complex disease which is normally characterized by an uncontrollable craving for harmful drugs.Harmful drugs such as cocaine and marijuana may have damaging effects over the long term.

Drug addicts usually feel weak and depressed when sober and this is why many of them continue abusing different drugs.

Why People Become Addicted to Drugs

Mental Illnesses – According to research, 35-50% of drug addicts suffer from different mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Anxiety is usually hard to deal with and people suffering from it often take different medications as prescribed by doctors.

Wisconsin Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

However, at times this is not enough and people suffering from it may start abusing their prescriptions or in other situations, take other harmful drugs such as alcohol, marijuana or even cocaine.

Researchers believe that depression is one of the most common illnesses known to man. With each passing day, more and more people are diagnosed with depression around the world. Just like anxiety, people are often prescribed medication to help them cope with depression. However, there may also be times when they seek relief from other drugs as well.

Age When First UsedStatistically, people who started abusing drugs when were young stand higher chances of becoming addicts in the future. Basically, in this case, as an addict grows, his addiction becomes stronger. However, age is not always the determining factor, and in fact, there can at times be seemingly as many explanations for substance abuse as there are individuals.

Most substance abusers are advised to seek help in different drug rehabilitation centers. Basically, drug rehab centers are facilities where different psychotherapeutic treatments are offered for dependency on harmful substances such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs or even amphetamines. Such centers usually work towards helping drug addicts overcome their addictions and in the process avoid the legal, financial, social and psychological consequences which are normally associated with extreme drug abuse.

Different Wisconsin drug rehabilitation centers help addicts overcome their drug dependencies. To begin, one normally needs to accept the fact that he needs to stop using harmful drugs and seek help. This is usually difficult because many addicts find it difficult to go for just a few hours without taking something. However, with time, and the right help, many of them develop the ability to do this.

Next they will be advised to enter a program, which will most often be either an inpatient or outpatient program. This may begin with a detox when there are withdrawal symptoms, where they can be medically supervised, and when needed, administered medications to help them cope with the symptoms.

Then they will either move into an inpatient facility, or start an outpatient program. An inpatient treatment center is most often recommended, and outpatient programs are for people who either have obligations that can’t be abandoned, or who haven’t developed as serious of an addiction. Each person is assessed individually, and recommendations will be provided by substance abuse specialists.

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