Virginia Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

When you make the decision to enter rehab, it comes with a price tag. Though health insurance and government programs can help to reduce the costs of these types of programs, it’s not always feasible in every situation.

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Virginia rehabilitation centers range in price, depending on the type of center and program that is being entered.

Day programs, where the patient attends the program throughout the course of the day and leaves at night to go home to their support system are usually less expensive than programs that are designed for patients to remain at the facility for the duration of the program. Costs like food, shelter and twenty-four hour a day care can increase the cost of the program — and patients may want to take this into account when choosing the treatment center for their needs.

Virginia Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

A thirty day stay in a rehab center can easily set the patient back upwards of ten thousand dollars — and this is just for a basic rehab center. Rehab programs that offer intensive care, or specialized programs, are even more expensive.

What can patients do to reduce the cost of drug abuse programs? To reduce the cost of the programs, patients can consider their health insurance. Health insurance may be available to cover a portion of the rehab costs, reducing the cost to a manageable amount within the finances to pay for short term care.

In addition to insurance, patients can consider grants or government programs that are offered to give assistance with drug and alcohol abuse. These grants are available for patients that are unable to afford the service, but that have no other options when it comes to treatment and would like to take the steps to turn their life around. Speaking with local social service offices can help to determine if these types of programs are available and determine the qualifying factors.

If there is no insurance to help fund the stay in rehab, patients are often able to arrange for flexible repayment options with the facility. In these cases, the patient pays the initial fee and arranges for monthly payments to be made for the remainder of the amount that is owed. Patients using this form of payment should consider the cost of interest, and the fees associated with deferring the payments to ensure that it is the right choice for their financial situation.

The cost of rehab should not deter you from getting the help that you need to overcome addiction. There are many payment options available, and flexible programs that are suited to help overcome drug and alcohol abuse, without putting you into financial ruin.

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