South Carolina Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

There are many substance abuse rehab centers in South Carolina where someone who is suffering from an alcohol or drug problem can find the help they need to recover from their addictions. And if recent statistics are to be believed, these facilities are needed more and more each year.

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For example, The Century Council reports that in 2010, there were 357 driving fatalities attributed to drunk driving in South Carolina alone. Of those reported fatalities, 38 of them involved drivers under the age of 21.

These figures are eerily similar to those in nearby Georgia, which saw 298 driving fatalities involving alcohol (30 of which involved young people under 21 years of age), and North Carolina, with 388 fatalities (53 of which involved the younger age group). And these are just alcohol-related deaths.

South Carolina Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

Various Theories about Alcoholism

While there are many theories about alcoholism, and why people drink compulsively while others can have “one drink” and be totally fine with that. But, is alcoholism is a “disease?” This is still unknown, and the disease theory is an unproven one, according to David J. Hanson, Ph.D., in his article “Is Alcoholism a Disease?”

Also, there are plenty of psychoanalytic, behavioral, and genetic theories as to why people become alcoholics. In his discussion about alcohol dependence, Joseph R. Volpicelli, M.D., Ph.D. refers to a number of these theories. For example, one theory speculates that children who were brought up by unloving mothers (on one end of the spectrum) or overprotective mothers (on the other end of the spectrum) could develop certain frustrations that they are unable to deal with. Dr. Volpicelli states that there isn’t enough evidence to back this idea up, however.

Another popular theory is the “Tension Reduction Hypothesis.” We’ve all heard about people who say they are going to have a few drinks “to relax,” or because they’re “stressed out.”

Regardless of what may cause someone to become an alcoholic – or to become addicted to illegal or prescription drugs for that matter, the fact remains that in this society, substance abuse is a huge problem – not only for the addict, but for everyone touched by the ripple effect of his addiction.

Treating the Addict and the Family

While 12-step programs are generally well-received, they may not be enough for people wanting to free themselves from the grips of addiction. Depending on the severity of the dependence, recovery might begin with an initial detox period, followed by an intensive stay at one of the residential South Carolina substance abuse rehab centers, followed by an after-care program and continued counseling.

While an individual is beginning his or her recovery from addiction, family members may find comfort in the supports built into various branches of the 12-step programs such as Al-Anon or Alateen (for the families and friends of alcoholics), or Nar-anon (for the families and friends of drug addicts). Such supports can prove invaluable to a bewildered, frightened, and/or frustrated family member or friend since few others understand the difficulties of living with an addict more than someone actually on that path.

Of course, taking the first step by committing to rehab is critical. Do what you can to ensure that you (or someone you know) do not add to the grim statistics of those who didn’t make it. Get help today.

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