Oregon Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Research from 2011 shows Oregon to have the second highest percentage of drug use in the nation. About 96,000 Oregon residents needed treatment for drug use.

One in eight over the age of 12 has used a mind-altering substance within the past month.

There are problems even in beautiful spots like Oregon

Fortunately, drug and alcohol rehab programs in Oregon can help individuals who suffer from these problems. Individuals in Oregon who struggle with substance abuse are not all using illegal drugs. The state was ranked number one in the nation during 2010 for non-medical use of prescription pain medications, such as Vicodin and Oxycontin among young adults under age 25.

Such drugs are often obtained by doctor shopping to receive multiple prescriptions.

Oregon Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The problem starts early for many, with students even in the eighth grade reporting use of drugs and alcohol at twice the national average for their age group.

Teens require special treatment programs aimed at their particular needs.


The best teen programs are often ideally near one’s home, involve family in the rehab process and provide accessible aftercare for the teen.

These programs also address the student’s educational needs by providing appropriate forms of education.

An active drug or alcohol addiction can be costly to adults. Many have lost families, friends and careers due to substance abuse. They may have also suffered legal consequences as the problem continues to grow.

However, effective rehab programs are available in the state. The state has a 55% completion rate of rehab programs, 10% above the national average. Those who complete rehab show a 78% reduction in monthly arrests, 25% more annual income and a 32% increase in finding employment.

Six months after completing rehab those suffering from addictions show over a 70% drop in the abuse of marijuana and other cannabis products, over an 80% drop in the use of heroin and a 93% drop in the use of amphetamine. These figures support the belief that rehabilitation works.

Individuals looking for help will find there are several options available depending on their own individual needs. Those who are still working or attending school may benefit from an outpatient program that works around their schedule. However, others may need the comprehensive environment provided by a residential program to recover successfully.

Substance abuse costs the state over $5 billion annually. With help from effective rehab programs, it is possible to reverse many of these losses. The program can guide the individual through detox, rehab and aftercare, allowing him or her a chance to get their life back.

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