California Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

There are many drug and alcohol rehab programs in California. Rehab can be a positive experience, and you can increase your chance of recovery, if you take some time to choose the program and center that is best suited to your needs.

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One point to consider is your ability to pay for rehab. If you have a low income, or no income at all, you may be eligible for a rehabilitation program at no cost to you.

There are also centers that offer sliding-fee payment, and those that accept health insurance. Regardless of your income, you can find a rehab center.

A second point is to consider your age and gender. There are programs only for men, only for women, and coed facilities. If you are young, adolescent treatment is an excellent option. Some adolescent treatment centers accept young adults, and some accept preteens.

California Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

A third point is the type of rehabilibation program the center offers. There are many different types of programs, so it is easy to select the one you prefer.

One of the most popular programs is based on the 12-Step model. If you choose this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. There are many benefits to rehab programs that are based on A.A. or N.A.

One benefit is peer support. When you can share openly and listen to others who have experiences similar to your own, you are no longer an isolated addict. You will see there is nothing you have felt or done that your peers cannot relate to from their own experiences.

vAnother benefit to 12-Step rehab is the solid foundation it will provide for your life after treatment. From working the steps to making a commitment to staying clean and sober, you can take what you learn with you when you resume your life.

While the 12-Step model is the most common form of rehabilitation, it is not the only type of program you can find. A lesser-known program is known as the Freedom model. In direct contrast to A.A. and N.A., the Freedom model offers addicts the incentive to take control of their lives.

The Freedom model teaches that substance abuse is a personal choice. Even if you are addicted, you have the choice to not drink or use again. You can learn about personal responsibility, and how to make healthy choices.

Holistic rehab programs are based on the principles of holistic medicine. If you choose this type of treatment, you will see the emphasis is on overall wellness. As addiction affects your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, each of these will have the chance to heal, strengthen, and recover.

Holistic rehab is intended to help you gain a sense of balance, stability, and overall good health. You will find much about holistic rehabilitation that is much different from other treatment programs. They can include horseback riding, yoga, massage, the use of healthy herbs, and a variety of other healthy activities.

If you belong to a religion that is very important to you, or have strayed from the religion of your past, you may be interested in a faith-based rehab program. Although there are faith-based programs for numerous religions, the majority are based on the Christian faith.

Drug and alcohol addiction, and the lifestyle that often accompanies addiction, can result in a person feeling badly about himself and the mistakes he has made. A faith-based rehab program can help you return to your beliefs, and live by them again. In addition to Christian counseling, you can talk about your concerns with a minister, and take part in worship services.

Another option is a luxury rehab. Although they generally cost more than other rehabs, they are not limited to wealthy individuals. You may find one that is affordable on your budget.

Luxury rehabs offer numerous amenities. Fine dining and private accommodations make an enjoyable, peaceful way to start your recovery process. These rehabs usually have top-notch professionals on staff. The rehabs offer luxurious, beautiful settings that can increase your serenity and peace of mind. Many are located on lovely beaches in California as well as other states that are known for their beaches like Hawaii or Florida.

Cost, gender, age, and type of program, are factors to think about when you are considering drug and alcohol rehab programs in California. There is an ideal rehab for you.

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