Arkansas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol remains the most popular legal drug abused in Arkansas. Marijuana rates as number one among illicit substances.


In addition, residents may make use of many other drugs in an illegal manner. It’s not much different here than it is in New York, California, or any other state.

Dispersion of prescription medication as well as drugs created in illegal home labs make it possible for addicts to easily find their drug of choice. As the addiction progresses, it affects the individual’s family, career and health.

Fortunately, a treatment center offers rehab programs that can help the individual to put the symptoms of addiction into remission.

Arkansas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Medically supervised detox allows an individual addicted to drugs or alcohol to withdraw from its effects safely. An individual withdrawing from alcohol may have symptoms that range from mild to fatal.

Drugs such as opiates can also cause life threatening symptoms. Withdrawal from cocaine or crack can cause deep depression, and increases the risk of suicide.

With medical supervision, the individual is provided the medical support to protect his or her health. Even mild symptoms of withdrawal can be painful or uncomfortable.

With many drugs it is possible for the doctor to provide support that makes the process much less uncomfortable. The detox center can also help the individuals who are tempted to use their drug of choice again to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

While detox is important to the overall recovery process, it is not the complete treatment needed for comprehensive rehabilitation. Once the drug or alcohol is out of one’s system, it is time to address the psychosocial effects of addiction.

The drug treatment program uses counseling in order to help the individual learn coping skills that are useful in making better choices than drinking alcohol or using drugs again. Many programs use cognitive behavioral therapy, which is shown by research to be one of the most effective methods of dealing with addiction.

In this approach to therapy, individuals learn to identify their triggers that lead to using the drug of choice again. The individual also learns to make better choices when faced with their triggers. In many cases, this allows the individual to avoid drug or alcohol use, an essential step to living in sobriety.


Although treatment offers the best chances of overcoming one’s addiction, some individuals may leave treatment and fall into their addictions again.

This should not be seen as a weakness on the part of the program or the part of the client. Addiction often has several layers that must be peeled away in order to successfully be managed. However, with help and determination it is possible for individuals who suffer from addiction in Arkansas to live in sobriety.

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